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“Our joy is to evangelize”

Arequipa, 20/01/15 (Sodalit News – Peru). On the afternoon of January 19, the first day of the 4th Plenary Assembly of the Christian Life Movement, Alexandre Borges, General Coordinator of the CLM, gave a talk on “The Evangelii Gaudium and CLM.”


Borges began his presentation by noting that in his recent Apostolic Exhortation, the “Pope may have highlighted many issues, all very important, but he wanted to accentuate Christian joy. And for that reason our Plenary Assembly also has its motto focused on joy.”

Deepening in the message of Evangelii Gaudium, Borges explained that “the Pope seeks, for the whole Church and for us as an ecclesial movement, apostolic conversion. This means that our ministry and the horizon of our mission must be converted, transformed and renewed.”

Highlighting various parts of the Apostolic Exhortation which speak of Christian joy, the General Coordinator highlighted that “basically, what fills us Catholics with joy, and even more so for members of the Sodalit Family, is to do apostolate. Our joy is to evangelize.” Along with this he emphasized the request for renewal that Pope Francis has made, which has at its center a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Thus, Borges invited all “to permanently live the dynamic of a ‘renewal in continuity’ that is so characteristic of our spirituality.”

“This renewal to which we are called to give way to creativity,” continued Alexandre Borges also explaining that “creativity is very typical of our style and our spirituality. Ours is constantly evaluate what is best for the apostolate and mission, and risk trying new ways “.

With this, Borges stressed the importance that the Christian Life Movement has for spiritual family and invited everyone to “work for a strong, ample CLM with renewed apostolic ardor and enthusiasm that enables our Sodalit Family and its works to continue to grow and bear fruit. The CLM offers a space for persons to come together, to grow personally, in community and in their vocation, as well as to live the faith, the sacraments and it offers an environment for Christian formation for the many people who in one way or another are linked to our projects.”

After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to share their views and consultations on the subject.