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Renewing the Apostolic Horizons of the CLM in Petropolis

Petropolis – 08/19/14 (Sodalit News – Brazil) Members of the Sodalit Family came together this week to discuss the Christian Life Movement´s plans for the next few years in Brazil´s Imperial City of Petropolis. The encounter between members also allowed leaders to evaluate the reality of the CLM´s many projects before looking to how they could be developed in the coming  years.


Julio Egrejas, the Sodalit Regional Superior for Brazil, was in charge of facilitating the meeting. Julio currently resides in Petropolis in the community “Mother of the Reconciler,” and is a native of Petropolis. The meeting began after a moment of prayer in the CLM Pastoral Center Chapel, which was afterwards accompanied by a reflection about what it means to be a “company of apostles,” wherein each member finds there place in the evangelical service to the Church, living out their Baptismal mission.

This was followed by a presentation of the seven apostolic areas that cover all of the Christian Life Movement´s work in Petropolis: Culture, Youth, Solidarity, Family, Communications, Temporal Affairs and the Pastoral Center. During this exposition the importance of the identification with the CLM in the apostolate was underlined, for example using phrases such as “I’m from the CLM” or “I am in the CLM” in the Pastoral Center to help renew the consciousness of the identity of the apostolate with the CLM in Petropolis.

Also the meeting the work of the Temporal Affairs and Communications department was highlighted, pointing out the need to consolidate and develop CLM outreach, ultimately to increase the awareness of the CLM and its projects within the city. At the same time, there was a consciousness that these areas needed to improve in their reach and quality to help sustain the structure of the CLM.

After a break for lunch, which was as always a joyous moment of sharing in faith and community, the CLM members united for one last session by dividing into groups for each area. Here they brainstormed ideas to help assume the different tasks at hand and formed teams to help bring their plans to fruition.

The summit concluded with a communal Rosary, which reflected on the vocation to be an Apostle within the meditation on the Luminous mysteries. Members of the CLM recognized that this meeting was an important instance of growing in faith and also understanding of the Sodalit spirituality. It was a key moment for the members of the CLM to remind themselves that they were in the hands of the Blessed Virgin who teaches them to be true disciples of Christ. It was a day filled with blessings that succeeded in renewing the apostolic horizons of the Sodalit Family in Petropolis.