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In Ayaviri, the Sodalitium launches campaign to help victims

(Ayaviri, 31/08/13 (Sodalit News – Peru)In the Prelature of Ayaviri, within the province of Puno, there have been reports of heavy snowfall that has predominantly affected the more isolated areas. In order to help the victims, the Sodalit community that lives within the Prelature has organized a support campaign.


The General Superior of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, Alessandro Moroni, has sent a message to the Sodalit Family so that the support might be more extensive and effective amidst this difficult situation for the most needy of Ayaviri. “The Sodalit community in Ayaviri is attending to the hundreds of victims in Sandia, Macusani and Carabaya. The Sodalits are traversing these areas carrying food rations and blankets for the people, and oats for the animals,” he said as he solicited help for those affected in the disaster.

José David Correa, superior of the Sodalit community in Ayaviri, after his last trip to Pacaje near Macusani, confirmed the reality of suffering of the people of these areas. He stated that “the help has been very important, but we still have not made it to the highest areas that are most affected. God willing, tomorrow, Friday the 30th, we will be going up to Condorquiña and Ituata, which are further and in greater need.

Correa adds that there are now many “parishes that have solicited help through the Prelature and Caritas Ayaviri, so inasmuch as we have the generous collaboration of all of you we will be able to help more of the people who are suffering.”

Among the most urgent needs of the population include non-perishable foods, medicine for respiratory illnesses, vitamins, veterinary kits and food for the animals, as well as outerwear or clothes for bundling up. Those interested in donating can leave a commentary below.