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SOMAR held its 6th Solidarity Dinner

São Paulo, 11/07/14 (Sodalit News – Brazil). On October 23rd, Solidarity in Action (SOMAR) in São Paulo, Brazil, held the sixth edition of the popular Solidarity Dinner. This time the money raised was the result of donations, raffles and an auction of various items to charity.


Fundraising, inviting more to be contributors and presenting the various projects and activities of the Solidarity Center Nossa Senhora Aparecida were among the main objectives of the Partnership Dinner, which is organized annually by the Solidarity in Action Association (SOMAR) in the state of São Paulo .

Over 300 people were present at the dinner, highlighted by the presence of Alessandro Moroni, Superior General of the Sodalitium of Christian Life, the former Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Brazil, José Gregori, and the Secretary of Social Assistance of the Municipality of São Paulo, Dra. Luciana Temer.


During dinner different corporate videos, photos and presentations were shown to explain what SOMAR São Paulo is and what it does for the most needy families in the “Jardim Felicidade” community in the South Region of São Paulo.

The entertainment of the event was provided by singers, Wilson Simoninha and Vitória Maldonado, who performed a ‘pocket show,’ which made for a lively and enjoyable evening for attendees. Wilson Simoninha was “very happy to participate in the SOMAR São Paulo project. I know the work they do and I agree that education is what is the important path for a more just and prosperous world,” said Simoninha, who participated in the Partnership Dinner for third straight year.


“For all SOMAR São Paulo, it is extremely gratifying to see that people commit themselves with the situation of disadvantaged families,” said Andres Quintanilla, General Coordinator of SOMAR São Paulo. He was moved to see that every person, “in his or her own way, tries to help and change this situation we find in our country, motivated by charity. We are also overjoyed to see that our projects remain effective, fruit of the help of people who donate their time to the needy,” he added.