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Song, dance and prayer in the CLM meeting during WYD

Rio de Janeiro 07/23/13 (Sodalit News – Brazil). Around 1,500 people participated in the pilgrims meeting of the CLM that took place in Casa de España on Monday, June 22.


During the gathering in the facilities of Casa de España, which is in the Humaitá neighborhood, members of the Sodalit Family performed dances and songs from their native countries in a very special celebration for CLM members who hail from different parts of the world. Among the songs, the highlight was “El reto” which, led by the Columbians, got everyone in the auditorium to dance.

Many projects from the Sodalit Family were presented throughout the meeting, such as Catholic Link, a webpage with resources for evangelization; Christ in the City, a project formed by volunteers who attend to the poor on the streets; and Crece, which helps adults to complete their high school education. The youth of Convivio Theater presented a video and sang on stage a song from their play.

Marcelo Rodríguez, the head of the group, explained briefly what Convivio Theater was, how it was formed, what they do and what they are seeking.

Later on, Alessandro Moroni, Superior General of the Sodalitium, spoke for little. He emphasized that “we are called here by Jesus. We are here because we are part of the Church and she has called us.” Speaking of the WYD itself, he accentuated that “we are here to go out into the world with the creativity that comes from the Holy Spirit, to go out and meet others. After the intense experience of these days we must give ourselves to others with love.”

Highlighting the importance of the person of Jesus, Moroni said to the youth that “the only one who is capable of changing the heart of man is Jesus, nobody else. We don’t need anything else. Don’t waste your lives and don’t waste your youth. Only Jesus can offer everything. May this be World Youth Day for each of you.” Moroni finished with an invitation to pray before beginning the Eucharistic Adoration.


Msgr. Sam Acquila, the Archbishop of Denver, attended the entire meeting, accompanying a group from the Christian Life Movement in the US, and presiding over the exposition of the Eucharist.

To close the event, Francisco Cañola, General Coordinator of the Christian Life Movement, thanked all the organizers who had come for collaborating in the planning of these events and for welcoming all the CLM pilgrims.

During World Youth Day the Sodalit Family is organizing a diversity of events. On the 23rd in Casa de España, Convivio Theater will present “The Logic of God,” and the Servants of the Plan of God will sing in Campo São Bento de Niteroi; on the 24th, The Joy in the Lord High School will present the musical “I Can” in the Palco de Nilopolis, and Creatio is organizing a Congress titled “Jesus and Nature” in Vivo Rio. The spiritual family will also participate in the Vocations Fair between the 23rd and the 26th in Quinta da Boa Vista.

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