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“Strong and full of ardor to proclaim the Gospel with joy”

Arequipa, 30/01/15 (Sodalit News – Peru). Tiffany Stoddard participated in the recently concluded Fourth Plenary Assembly of the Christian Life Movement as a representative of Denver, USA, and she shares her experience of participating in this important event for the life of the Sodalit Family.


“Before the start of the Fourth Plenary Assembly we consulted with CLM members about the challenges the Christian Life Movement (CLM) experiences in Denver and the actions it should take for the next five years,” explained Tiffany highlighting as a great opportunity for local CLM members to contribute in the Assembly from a perspective of the evangelization of culture in North America.

Tiffany also highlighted the “reflective spirit and clear ideas” that members of the Sodalit Family in Denver have “about what needs to be done and where we want to go as a spiritual family in the coming five years,” she explained.

“The CLM in Denver has grown in recent years, which is a great blessing,” said Tiffany. However, this expansion has seen a “slight loss of identity in which some of our members are not so identified with the CLM or do not consider themselves a part of it,” describing it as a major challenge to work “to deepend in the identity and spirituality of our family,” she added.

After the Fourth Plenary Assembly, Tiffany was captivated and inspired to be able to “experience and learn the different realities of other countries where the CLM is present and share the same challenges, blessings and ideals.” She also noted that in the Sodalit Family “we are very vivid, strong and full of ardor to proclaim the Gospel with joy.”

Tiffany is 25 years old, a pediatric nurse by profession and is currently studying a specialization in her field. Tiffany is part of a Marian group and also participates in the CLM assisting in the Area of Communications in Denver.