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Takillakkta announces new album: “Pax in Terra”

Lima, 11/24/14 (Sodalit News – Peru). The Takillakkta band, together with ICTYS, has announced a new album, called “Pax in Terra,” with which they seek to announce the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the source of joy and good for all mankind.


The universality of the music and its evangelizing power can be experienced in the new disk of the Takillakkta group. In its new Christmas album they have introduced classical musical instruments, joining them with Andean instruments, showing how they can combine peacefully. Thus, they create a universal language that can be heard by everyone irrespective of language.

This new musical production presents ten Christmas melodies in an instrumental format not before used by Takillakkta. Together with instruments such as panpipes, the flutes, the charango, the guitar and Latin American percussion, they have added both quintet as well as string quintet woods. This repertoire was chosen carefully and the songs played are recognized worldwide.

“Pax in Terra” presents ten carols, eight of which are well known Christmas hymns, which are performed with “mestizo” instruments and rhythms, showing that the Christmas message can also be experienced from their own identity and style. To these, they have added two of their own compositions, which from their Peruvian and Latin American roots, join the great universal symphony.

This new album will be presented on Thursday December 11th at the Municipality Auditorium of Miraflores, in Lima, Peru. Since the format of this disk includes the participation of symphonic instruments, the “Harawi” String Quartet and the “Un Cuore” Woods Quintet will perform together with Takillakkta in the presentation.

In this way, Takillakkta wishes to share that one of the fruits of Christmas is reconciliation. Every person, every nation and every people are called to welcome God into their lives, He who became man, and join the chorus of angels singing: “Peace on Earth.”

“Pax in Terra” is now available at major online music stores Spotify, Google Play and iTunes.

To learn more about the disk and its presentation you can write to the following email: