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The Sodalit Family in the Vocational Fair of WYD

Rio de Janeiro 28/07/13 (Sodalit News – Brasil). The Vocational Fair is one of the important events of WYD. Members of the Sodalit Family participated helping others to know the spirituality and the adherence to Pope Francis.


As is typical at World Youth Day, the Vocational Fair was held as an event that lasted several days in which various Church institutes presented the diversity of expressions with which the Church is enriched. The fair featured presentation stands as well as cultural events and numerous confessionals that offered the sacrament of Reconciliation in several languages.

Members of the spiritual family who were present in the Vocation Fair presented various ways to participate in and grow closer to the Sodalit Family.  They were positioned at their own stand where they handed out different resources that allowed those present an opportunity to get to know the projects of the spiritual family. Additionally, on Thursday there was a presentation of the Sodalit Family on the center stage.

A friendly puppet with the image of Pope Francis, already very popular on the social networks, welcomed the visitors in the entrance of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) stand. This CLM is an international association of the faithful that forms part of the Sodalit Family, and it is currently present on all five continents.

Teatro Convivio, the theater troop composed of talented and enthusiastic youth, also gave a presentation of the production entitled, “The Logic of God,” which was prepared specifically for WYD over the last couple years in Peru. The theatrical work was finally debuted in the Casa de Espanha as an official event of WYD.

Another novelty was the first edition of the Sodalit Family magazine which is available in three languages – Spanish, Portuguese and English –. The edition was prepared just for WYD. The first edition looks to explain the Sodalit charisma and some of the important projects of the Sodalit Family. The projects that are mentioned are excellent opportunities where one can participate as a volunteer and experience the mission of evangelization in today´s world.

La Opción V (Option V), a project oriented towards helping the youth live chastity, also had the opportunity of running a stand that provided various informative materials, and different ways to participate in the mission to promote chastity among the youth today. This project presents a dynamic response to a hot-button issue among young people today.

The four days that the Vocational Fair operated were an important space of encounter and communion that showcased the richness and diversity of the proposals that the Church has today.

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