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Thousands of youths hit the streets in Lima and Callao to collect smiles

Lima, 13/08/13 (Sodalit News – Perú). Thousands of volunteers made their way through the streets of Lima and Callao during the fundraising collection called “Colecta Armonizar”. The fundraiser seeks to help children with cleft lip and palate along with other congenital deformations. With red noses and wide smiles, the volunteers used their creativity while inviting the people of Lima to be generous in their support of the children sponsored by Armonizar.


Almost six months ago Armonizar began a campaign to help children with cleft lip and palate and other congenital deformations in a way that looks for an integral rehabilitation through more than ten medical specialties and other therapies. Through radio, television, and newspaper ads, they have been communicating the work that they have been doing with these children and inviting the people of Lima to donate the cause during another fundraiser which was held on August 10th. Several radio and television hosts joined the campaign, encouraging Lima’s townspeople to participate as volunteers or with donations.

Beginning early in the day, the volunteers gathered together at designated points throughout Lima and Callao in order to receive instructions and their “collection kits”.  A surprising amount of young people and even entire families arrived to donate time and effort for the children of Armonizar. The joyful participation of the thousands of volunteers of different ages resulted in a fruitful day.

The offices of Armonizar, along with the children for whom the event was held were busy as they worked to spread their own joy and gratitude to the volunteers. One of those children was Daniel Huanca, who was the focus of a recent heartwarming television report. He helped distribute the cans that the volunteers used during the collection. In a video about the event “Colecta Armonizar 2013 — ¡Consigamos sonrisas! (We collect smiles)” Daniel appears thanking the volunteers and letting them know that “Thanks to you, I can smile!”

The volunteers walked long distances along busy streets, stationed themselves outside of malls, and got on and off buses in order to invite people to make a donation. Those responsible for the fundraising collection spoke of the character, joy, and dedication of the Christian Life Movement volunteers, the majority of whom were walking the streets until almost 5pm. The volunteers expressed their surprise with the generosity of the people they encountered and described theexperience of having fought their fatigue in order to help the children of Armonizar smile and be able to pursue their dreams. “I can’t imagine anything better than helping people and having fun while you do it,” mentioned one volunteer.

When the collection finished, several pastoral centers of the Christian Life Movement organized events for the volunteers where they could share the joy of having given an entire day “collecting smiles.”

You can see the photo gallery of the collection to see the volunteers collecting smiles.

Armonizar, an association of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) founded in Peru in 1997, looks to develop the physical, psychological, and spiritual harmony of children with cleft lip and palate and other congenital deformities. Working with their families, Armonizar provides a personalized attention, living charity with each child and promoting their integral development.