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Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in Brazil

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Brazil was the first foundation of the Sodalitium outside of Peru. Invited by the then Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal Eugenio de Araujo Sales, the first community was founded on January 30, 1986, under the patronage of Nossa Senhora da Guia. In 1990 a community would be founded in Petrópolis, and in 1992 in Sao Paulo.

From the beginning of its arrival in Brazil until 2017, the Sodalitium took over the Nossa Senhora da Guia parish, in Rio de Janeiro. Along with this pastoral assignment, the Christian Life Movement (CLM) was developed , which today, outside of Rio, Petrópolis, São Paulo and Aparecida, is also present in various cities such as Niterói, São Gonçalo, Trajano de Morares, Paula Cândido, Areal, Meio da Serra and Guaratinguetá.

Faith services and teaching in schools are an important part of the youth apostolate of the Sodalites in Brazil.

In the solidarity apostolate, the Solidariedade em Marcha – Somar association contributes to human development in accordance with the social teaching of the Church, creating decent living conditions for poor people and families. Somar currently manages solidarity centers in Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis and São Paulo, also offering school reinforcement and supplementation programs, environmental education, artistic and computer education, among others.

Mission trips to places with limited resources also involve, year after year, groups of people, especially young people.

The evangelization of culture has been—since the beginning of the Sodalit presence in Brazil—an important horizon of apostolate. In Petrópolis, for example, the Center for Catholic Studies operates, organizing various initiatives for the promotion of Catholic thought and art. Among these, the Histórias de Natal artistic contest stands out, an initiative that promotes the authentic meaning of Christmas.

São Paulo

The two main apostolic spheres of the Sodalit apostolate are the CLM and SOMAR (Solidarity on the Move). The Sodalits take care of the coordination of the CLM, giving particular emphasis to the sacramental/spiritual life of its members, the animation of faith communities, and the personal accompaniment of people.

We offer spiritual retreats and days, faith formation courses, preparation for the sacraments, and other formative/community activities. SOMAR, on the other hand, is a solidarity/apostolic project that serves more than 300 children and young people and their families in a vulnerable area of the city of São Paulo through comprehensive formation, as well as a sacramental service on Sundays.

The Sodalit community of São Paulo also takes care of SOMAR in the city of Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis, where more than 100 children and their families are cared for. Today it has 23 officials between the 3 cities.


In Petrópolis the apostolate of the Sodalits develops in deep communion with the local mission of the Christian Life Movement (CLM). The brothers, in addition to participating in the life and works of the CLM, offer their collaboration with their catechetical, sacramental, organizational work and by leading groups. Two services in which they actively participate are that of Mission Brazil and that of Reconciliatio – Desenvolvimento da pessoa.

MISSION BRAZIL is a service of the CLM that consists of a missionary training program for young people, through short-term trips within Brazil. In this, people from different parts of the world can experience a rich and organized agenda of missionary activities and volunteer service, while experiencing an encounter with Brazilian culture.

RECONCILIATIO is a project coordinated by members of the CLM whose mission is Health Prevention and the Promotion of the Comprehensive Development of the person. This, from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective and through interdisciplinary interventions. Currently, he acts mainly in the ecclesiastical sphere.

In addition to these two services, the Sodalits in Petropolis have helped carry out the solidarity action of SOMAR (Solidariedade em Marcha) and the drive to evangelize the culture of CEC (Centro de Estudos Católicos). These organizations continue to carry out their evangelizing actions, especially through the members of the CLM who have assumed greater responsibilities in them.