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Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in Chile

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Our Sodalit brothers in Chile with Mons. Cristián Castro, Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago

Invited by the then Archbishop of Santiago de Chile, Card. Francisco Javier Errázuriz, the Sodalitium arrived in Chilean lands in 1999. In 2007 the Pastoral Center and the Sodalit community were inaugurated in Maipú, where the Sodalitium had been working since its arrival in the country and which in 2014 was established as a Parish. In 2011, Mons. Ricardo Ezzati SDB, Archbishop of Santiago, blessed the new Madre de Dios chapel in the Cordillera Zone of the city.

The apostolic initiatives encouraged by the Sodalitium over the years have promoted the services and associations of the Christian Life Movement. Groups of youth and adults, as spaces for formation in faith and Christian life, have allowed evangelizing deployment in these lands.

An important area of evangelization in this country is carried out through education. In 2011, Sodalitium opened its first school in Chile, the Saint Joseph School, located in the Commune of Huechuraba. For years, the Sodalits had been collaborating in other schools through teaching and the development of faith services. Along with this, the Sodalitium has collaborated, since 2011, in pastoral and academic work at the Gabriela Mistral University, located in the Commune of Providencia.

The “Summer and Winter Missions” trips and the “Christmas is Jesus” campaigns, among other solidarity initiatives that seek to announce Christ in a comprehensive way, are currently an important area of youth and solidarity apostolate.

If you wish to contact the Sodalit community in Chile, please message:

– Fr. Carlos Zamalloa

– Fr. Rafael Otero