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Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in Colombia

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The presence of the Sodalit community in Colombian lands dates back to 1990, when the Archbishop of Medellín, Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, invited us to establish a community in this archdiocese. As time went by, the foundation grew and arrived in the city of Cali in 1997. A few years later, in 2005, the first Sodalit community would start in Bogotá.

Currently Colombia is a Region of the Sodalitium of Christian Life. The Regional Superior in Colombia is Renzo Pava.

Since its arrival in Colombia, the Sodalitium encouraged groups of young people and adults, many of them linked to the various groups of the Christian Life Movement (CLM). Over the years, apostolic initiatives have multiplied and today reach several areas.

Along with helping in several schools, through faith services, the Sodalicio animates two educational centers in Colombia: the Colegio Sagrado Corazón Montemayor, in Medellín, and the Colegio San José, in Cajicá, a municipality north of Bogotá, diocese of Zipaquirá, which serves students from Bogotá and the outskirts of the city.

The Sodalicio also encourages various initiatives in Colombia to help the poorest. Along with mission trips to places of great need and the Solidaridad en Marcha association, the solidarity centers have a great social projection, which in areas of limited resources develop evangelization and human promotion programs.

Currently, the Colombia Crece program is growing, directed by university students for the evangelization of low-income people, offering the promotion of more study opportunities and admission to university, as well as a better comprehensive education.


The community arrived in the city of Medellín animating the pastoral life of the Divino Maestro parish, work that it carried out until 2017. Currently the community is located in the El Poblado neighborhood where it has the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria pastoral center .

Among the tasks carried out in Medellín we have:

  • Administration, pastoral, spiritual and sacramental care at Colegio Sagrado Corazón Montemayor
  • Animation of youth and adult groups of the Christian Life Movement
  • Solidarity Apostolate, in coordination with Solidaridad en Marcha in the 2 solidarity centers that exist in Medellín and pastoral and solidarity care in the Altos de Oriente Zone
  • Formation of leaders and training of volunteers for apostolic and solidarity projects
  • Areté Center: Catholic psychology center, created in 2012 in Medellín, with the aim of developing a Catholic psychology that helps people live virtue, from a reconciled and healthy existence, under the Psychotherapy of Reconciliation approach.
  • Support the local Church with presence in neighboring parishes where it helps in liturgical and sacramental life.


The apostolate began in the city of Bogotá in 2000, with a retreat for university students; with which the CLM also emerged in this city.

For 4 years, sodalites from Cali and Medellín traveled every month to accompany the apostolate of the CLM Bogotá

In July 2004, the Our Lady of Chiquinquirá community in Bogotá began with 4 sodalits.

Currently there are 7 Sodalites who live in Our Lady of Chiquinquirá.

There are mainly two fronts of apostolate:


  • Within the CLM there is apostolate with youth and adults.
  • Solidarity work at Caja del Amor, Siloé, prison visits and work in a popular area called Codito.
  • There is also the Colombia Crece project, led by university students and volunteers. It is a service for the evangelization of people with limited resources, offering the promotion of those who have not been able to complete their school and other studies.

San José School (in the Cajicá area)

  • It currently has 500 students
    4 sodalits from the community collaborate in the school’s apostolate


The Sodalicio arrived in Cali in 1997, at the invitation of Archbishop Mons. Isaías Duarte Cancino; to support the evangelizing work through pastoral service in non-denominational schools.

Since its beginnings, the Sodalite community has carried out various pastoral tasks, always in closeness and communion with the bishops and the local Church.

Among the tasks carried out in Cali are:

  • Pastoral and sacramental care in Bilingual Schools
  • Youth apostolate through faith formation spaces
  • Faith formation for lay people, adults, young people, couples, especially in CLM groups
  • Support for groups and other ecclesial movements through retreats, sacramental service, formation
  • Teaching at the Archdiocesan Seminary of Cali
  • Apostolate in the field of medicine through palliative care
  • Solidarity with the poorest through various solidarity campaigns