Spiritual Life

Each Sodalit seeks to respond to the invitation that God makes to every human being: to reach “that perfect holiness whereby the Father Himself is perfect” (LG 11). Recognizing a particular call to give himself fully to God, he progresses on a spiritual journey of encounter and configuration with the Lord Jesus by a life of filial love for Holy Mary. It is a process that implies a continual awareness of his own true self, bringing him to live in humility and propelling him to charity and to an active participation in the proclamation of the Gospel to the entire world.

Within the communion of the Church, the Sodalitium has its own spirituality, discipline, and practices. In this way, its members are given the means to strengthen and solidify their Christian lives, as well their commitment to be fully available to serve the Plan of God.
On the other hand, according to his specific call, each Sodalit seeks to participate intensely in the evangelizing mission of the Church, and strives so that message of the Gospel may reach and transform everything that is “in contrast with the Word of God and the plan of salvation” (EN 19).

As its Constitutions describe, the Sodalits believe that in the economy of reconciliation, God who is Love, takes the initiative. Making proper use of his freedom, man welcomes this initiative and communicates it. The infinite love of God leads the Son of Holy Mary, the eternal Word Incarnate, to reconcile humanity with God and to serve men as a model of reconciliation, announcing the Good News, by his life, deeds and words. On the altar of reconciliation He makes explicit Mary’s mission to be our Mother. As the Virgin cooperates with the Holy Spirit in the mystery of the Annunciation-Incarnation, she also cooperates in the forging of the newly born Church and keeps doing so today.

Walking in the company of Mary, the Sodalits learn how to live the Christian life fully, attempting to transform their work and entire lives into a liturgical gesture. Motivated by the desire to announce the Lord, they participate in the apostolic work of Mary, following her example and cooperating with God under her maternal guidance.

To strive for holiness, with all that this implies, is the central goal in the life of each Sodalit. At the same time, this search for holiness is intimately related to the universal call to evangelize.