Alessandro Moroni’s message on victim reparations

Dear friends,

I am writing to you today to touch on two very important topics:

First, our position on the filing in the first instance of the complaint against Luis Fernando Figari and some members of the Sodalitium and second, to make known the details of the reparations that we have already been granting due to the moral responsibility that we have towards the people who have suffered because of some members and former members of our organization.

When we received the tax opinion with the filing of the complaint, we understood that it is a decision based on the strict framework of criminal law. I would like to remind you that this investigation was not intended to demonstrate whether or not there are victims of bad actions by people linked to our community, but to prove whether we are an illicit association to commit crimes, which has committed kidnapping and serious injuries. The ruling has dismissed that accusation. Which is why we agree with her.

In addition to the norms of the judicial and canonical spheres, there is a necessary moral sphere. For this reason, with respect to Luis Fernando Figari, we have already spoken out on several occasions recognizing all the damage caused by him, condemning his actions and declaring him persona non grata. We have also asked for his separation from our community and we have sent all the information about his case to the Holy See.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much more about it. The process against Figari continues in Rome and we can only wait for the final pronouncement of the Vatican authorities.

On the other hand, we have also recognized that some members of our community did a lot of damage and we have taken very concrete measures to clarify the truth about all these cases. And what is more important: we remain committed to repairing those who suffered because of it. Those people remain our priority.

Recognizing our mistakes and understanding that we could not face this great challenge alone, we convened the Ethics Commission for Justice and Reconciliation, so that highly respected and objective people could welcome them and attend to them in the first instance.

In addition, we made the decision to have international experts with the greatest experience in the investigation of abuses and care for victims, to be able to identify them and dialogue with them with the firm objective of repairing them.

The Ethics Commission for Justice and Reconciliation presented us with 32 cases, and the team of experts received 71 more people, with which we have treated a total of 103 people.

Of this total, sufficient elements have been found to consider 66 people as victims of abuse or mistreatment of various kinds.

To determine whether a person can be considered a victim, we have not required any means of proof, such as technical or scientific evidence, as is required in any investigation of a legal nature. Rather, we have made a moral evaluation, considering the plausibility of the testimonies received. And when in doubt, we have chosen to trust the people who have given us their testimony.

We cannot reveal their identity, but we can say how they are being repaired:

An economic reparation agreement has been reached in 47 cases.
Of those 47, 35 have already been repaired and 12 still need to complete the process.
There are 5 people waiting, because they are part of the judicial process.
There are 3 people who have rejected our proposal and one who did not want to continue in the process.
There are also 10 people in the process of receiving a final proposal for reparation.
Between economic reparations, medical or psychological assistance, help for labor reintegration and support for some people whose cases did not correspond to this process, but who had urgent needs, the amount approved for these purposes so far amounts to more than TWO MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY AND TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.

For us, the main responsibility does not fall on the Vatican or the Peruvian Church. The main responsibility does not belong to the Public Ministry either, the main responsibility to seek the truth and repair the damage is OURS.

Beyond the high complexity of the judicial and canonical processes, today we want to reaffirm that we are determined to fulfill our moral responsibility to the last consequences.

In light of everything we have stated, I would like once again to apologize first of all to all the people who have suffered some type of abuse and mistreatment by a member or former member of the Sodalitium, and also to the entire society that She was understandably outraged.

To the members of our spiritual family and to the people of good will who work daily in our apostolic works, we ask forgiveness for all that you have suffered in this painful process. To you, we encourage you to continue trusting in the action of God, who by his infinite mercy makes fruits of conversion, solidarity and reconciliation among us sprout.

Accepting the truth, no matter how painful it may be, and repairing those who have suffered, we will be able to continue on the path of service to which God calls us.


Alessandro Moroni,
Senior General
Sodalitium Christianae Vitae