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Alessandro Moroni’s message regarding Luis Fernando Figari

Good afternoon,

I have received from the hands of Cardinal Joseph William Tobin an official communication that transmitted to me the conclusions that the Holy See has taken regarding the case of Luis Fernando Figari and the decisions that must be taken.

These conclusions are the result of an evaluation that Vatican authorities were able to make from the information obtained through numerous testimonies and from documents that we have provided during this process.

From all of this, the Holy See has determined to take the following measures:

  1. Mr. Luis Fernando Figari will be removed from the Sodalite community, where he will remain under order from the Holy See and will be destined to a residence that does not belong to the Sodalitium, where he will live a modest life of prayer and retreat.
  2. Fulfilling the order of the Holy See, Mr. Figari will be provided with the proper living conditions for a simple life of recollection and prayer, for the gave acts committed.
  3. Vatican authorities have reiterated the prohibition fro Mr. Figari to return to Peru.
  4. Also, he is prohibited from having any contact with the members of our community, through any means, either direct or indirect.
  5. He has also been prohibited from giving any declarations to the press, directly or through a representative, in public or private, in addition to participating in any activity related to the Sodalitium.


The members of the Sodalitium, with knowledge of the results of the Holy See’s investigation and evaluation, once more firmly condemn the grave and deplorable acts of Luis Fernando Figari.

In addition, I would like to announce that independent of the judicial and canonical jurisdictions, the Sodalitium has decide to release to the press and to the public, all of the results of the internal investigation made by international experts that we convoked to know and share the truth.

It will be a very difficult and painful truth, but indispensable to fulfill our commitment to full transparency. Through this, we want to contribute to justice being done and the reparation of the victims that deserve, more than anyone, that the truth be known. To do this, the full report will be made public on social media this Tuesday, February 14.

Finally, I want to inform you that next week, once we have communicated the final report, I will go to the Public Ministry to personally handover the findings on the sexual abuse of minors.

Our commitment to the truth and the victims is permanent and irreversible.

Thank you.