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Announcement: Start of internal investigation


1. On September 13th, 2019, Sodalitium’s Superior General, José David Correa González, was informed by the Provincial Ecclesiastical Court of Costa Rica of the existence of a testimony against Fr. Emilio Garreaud Indacochea, a priest of our community. That testimony has been typified by the Court within canon 1395 §.

2. The alleged victim stated that the abuse occurred 11 years ago when he was over 30 years old. Having learned about the content of the complaint, Fr. Emilio Garreaud affirms that he does not know the alleged victim and declares himself innocent of the accusation.

3. Proceeding in accordance with canonical regulations, on September 15th, the Superior General has issued a decree to initiate an internal investigation, which will have external advice to be as objective and exhaustive as possible and to help determine what happened.

4. During the investigation, following the measures contemplated in the Code of Canon Law, Fr. Emilio Garreaud will leave his pastoral responsibilities, as well as the public exercise of his priestly ministry.

5. The authorities of the Sodalitium will collaborate with any civil or canonical investigation referring to abuses committed by members of our community.

6. The members of the Sodalitium express our firm rejection of any type of abuse that can be carried out on any person, and we renew our efforts to avoid them.

Lima, September 23th, 2019
Communications Office.
Sodalitium Christianae Vitae.