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Message from Alessandro Moroni on the Final Report of the experts

Good evening,

For the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, THE TRUTH never prescribes.

For our community, THE COMMITMENT TO THE VICTIMS has no expiration date.

That is why I am here today to present the results of the investigation that we commissioned from international professionals with the most experience in this type of case:

Mr. Ian Elliott, victim assistance specialist, with over 40 years of experience: Ms. Kathleen Mc Chesney, former FBI number 3, and Ms. Monica Applewhite, abuse prevention expert, both collaborators with the North American Episcopal Conference.

The report, which will be fully available to the media and public opinion starting tomorrow, clearly shows us a very sad and painful reality, but one that we need to know in order to go out to meet the victims and give them the greatest possible support.

With this reality, which will go far beyond everything that has been told to date, we want to irrefutably demonstrate that the Sodalitium has not taken the path of impunity or cover-up.

The report exposes the names of people identified as responsible for sexual abuse of minors, the detailed number of victims, as well as details about the types of abuse and very crude testimonies of people who had the courage to share their experiences. All of this is the result of dialogue with more than 200 people carried out over almost a year, independently by international experts with impeccable experience and honor that we convened for this purpose.

I am here in front of all of you to face and advance the strongest and most serious part of the conclusions that have been presented to us: the sexual abuse and misconduct committed by some members and former members of our community.

As you can see, these are events that occurred in the distant past. That does not make them less serious, but it does make it difficult to support them with irrefutable probative evidence. That is why we cannot conclusively point out the criminal responsibility of the aggressors.

However, the consistency of the testimonies received and the methodological rigor of the researchers allow us to recognize the credibility of their testimonies with the victims.

International experts have found sufficient elements that point to the following results:

4 alleged sexual aggressors have been identified who would have committed various types of abuse with 19 minor victims and 10 adults. And 4 alleged sex offenders were also identified with 7 adult victims.

The dates identified in relation to the acts that would have been committed correspond to a period of time between 1975 and 2002, that is, up to 15 years ago.

The chart you can see right now clearly summarizes the number of abuses, types of victims, and time periods identified in our investigation.

In the terrible case of child abuse, experts have managed to recognize sufficient elements to identify the following alleged aggressors: Luis Fernando Figari, Germán Doig, Virgilio Levaggi, Jeffery Daniels.

This week I will go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to personally deliver the information on findings regarding abuses against minors, and there the responsibility of these people can be determined with certainty.

We voluntarily present this information about such terrible events because we consider that this information is ESSENTIAL to be able to repair the victims.

Because it is INDISPENSABLE so that this never happens again.

Because it is ESSENTIAL to clearly differentiate some people who have strayed from the path of God, from thousands of members of our community and spiritual family who work every day transmitting the Gospel and serving others.

I say to all of them, let us not be afraid, because, as the Lord has promised us, “the truth will set us free”.

As I have already announced, tomorrow we will publish this complete and detailed report on our social networks.

I am sure that God will give us the necessary strength to face this reality and fully assume our responsibility. Only in this way can we get up with great faith and hope to continue, now more than ever, with our mission of service and apostolate.


Alessandro Moroni,
Superior General
Sodalitium Christianae Vitae