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Message from the Superior General of the Sodalitium

Alessandro Moroni, superior general of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, offered a video message on the status of investigations into abuses. He pointed out that Rome has been asked to separate Luis Fernando Figari from the Sodalitium.

Dear friends, the last months have been very hard for the Sodalit Family because they have confronted us with a regrettable past. A past that returned like an earthquake to the present as a result of a series of denunciations and journalistic revelations that we have all been able to observe through the media and social networks.

After more than 5 months of prayer, reflection and harsh internal self-criticism, the time has come. Today we come forward to publicly announce the response of the Superior Council of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in the face of these sad and reprehensible events.

That is why I am addressing public opinion to convey three very important messages:

First: Sorry. Forgive the victims of any type of abuse and outrage to which they have been subjected by any member of our organization. Forgive the complainants who for years did not obtain a satisfactory and forceful response from our authorities.

Forgive the members of the great Sodalit Family: consecrated persons, priests, laity, and families who have seen their generous work undermined because their authorities were not up to the circumstances.

Forgive all those who participate in our works. To our students, their families, beneficiaries, volunteers, collaborators, friends, and society.

Sorry for taking so long to go out and give you an explanation with measures like the ones I’m going to announce today.

Second: Separation. We respect the investigations and procedures that the Vatican and the Prosecutor’s Office have been developing on these issues. We fully collaborate with them and we are waiting for their results. But beyond the ecclesiastical or judicial condemnation that the founder of the Sodalitium deserves —which we will respect and abide by accordingly— we do not want to fail to make our moral condemnation known in the face of his faults and crimes.

After the testimonies received, we consider the citizen Luis Fernando Figari guilty of the abuses that are attributed to him and we declare him persona non grata for our organization, which totally deplores and condemns his behavior.

We reiterate to the Vatican authorities the request that we personally made to Pope Francis in a private audience last December to decree his immediate separation from our community. And end your unsustainable spiritual retreat in our facilities.

Third: Comprehensive reform. We announce that we have initiated a comprehensive reform of our organization. Assuming the mistakes of the past with a view to building a new Sodalitium on the strengths of the charism received, his great family, and his good works in Peru and abroad.

The authorities of the Sodalitium recognize the sin of not having reacted in a firm and timely manner and we are willing to assume the penance that is necessary to obtain forgiveness from God, the Church, our family, and society as a whole.

We are sure that with the grace of God our great family will prevail and get ahead over the mistakes of its authorities, who from today are determined to write a new history.


Alessandro Moroni,
Superior General
Sodalitium Christianae Vitae