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Informative note – Sodalitium creates Chile Region

Today the Superior General of the Sodalitium of Christian Life has created the Chile Region, which includes the entire territory of the Republic of Chile.


That with the grace of God the existing Sodalit communities in Chile have been flourishing and bearing abundant fruits of Christian life;

That the best apostolic service of the Society asks for it;

That there are due administrative and authority service reasons;

That the Superior Council of the Sodalitium has been duly consulted, which has given its consent, according to law;

That we proceed as indicated in the Society’s own Constitutions ;

Being under the powers of the Superior General;


The creation of the Chile Region of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae.

That the date on which the Chile Region will be established will be July 16th, 2014, Feast of Our Lady of Carmen, Patroness of Chile.

That the new Region is made up of the Sodalit Centers currently existing in the Republic of Chile.

That those Centers to be erected in the future in the territory of the Republic of Chile will form part of said Region, subject to what is established in Art. 98 § 4 of the Constitutions .

That the Headquarters of the new Region will be established in the city of Santiago de Chile.

Register, communicate and archive.

Lima, May 21, 2014

Alessandro Moroni Llabrés
Superior General