Statement a​bout the Ethics Commission for Justice and Reconciliation

The Superior General of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae issued a statement informing about the Ethics Commission for Justice and Reconciliation, complete information can be found at



To the members of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, to all the people who make up or participate in the Sodalit Family and to public opinion:

  1. In recent weeks we have witnessed with pain and shame the disclosure of plausible accusations of serious misconduct and abuse committed by Luis Fernando Figari and other members of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, which should be the subject of clarification.
  2.  To ensure the utmost rigor and impartiality in this task, we have convened a group of professionals of recognized quality and independence to form an Ethics Commission for Justice and Reconciliation, which will have the objective of reviewing what happened, offering the victims the maximum possible assistance and propose the necessary corrections.
  3. The Commission is made up of: Dr. Manuel Sánchez-Palacios Paiva, who has been President of the National Elections Jury and a distinguished Member of the Supreme Court of the Republic; Dr. Rosario Fernández Figueroa, lawyer, who has been President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Justice.; Bishop Carlos García Camader, Bishop of Lurín, has been Director of Vocational Ministry in the Archdiocese of Lima and Rector of the Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Major Seminary.; Dra. Maíta García Trovato, medical surgeon specializing in psychiatry, former General Director of the National Institute of Mental Health and member of the Commission that investigated and denounced the abuses of the Surgical Contraception Program.; Mr. Miguel Humberto Aguirre, journalist, Content Director of the RPP Group, who has been General Coordinator and Internet Director.
  4. The Commission has been installed and has a term of 150 calendar days. Its members have signed a confidentiality agreement. The way to address any case or complaint to the Commission will be with a written and signed testimony, sent in a sealed envelope to Post Office Box No. 27030 Libertadores 325, San Isidro, Lima, Peru, indicating an email address or contact telephone number.
  5. The information of those cases that must be put in the hands of the civil or canonical justice will be delivered to said jurisdictions according to the applicable procedures.
  6. This initiative is part of the commitment we have assumed to carry out a stage of Review, Reconciliation and Renewal in our community. That implies a deep process of examining and questioning the practices and processes of our organization, so that we can face and solve the problems caused by the reprehensible behavior of some. Any aspect inconsistent with the Christian values ​​that we must serve must be clearly reconsidered.
  7. Luis Fernando Figari, must remain in Rome until further instructions from the ecclesiastical authorities, so as not to interfere with the investigations they carry out. With respect to the procedures of the Peruvian justice, we assure our greater collaboration.
  8. We renew our solidarity with all those who have suffered as a result of these actions, which we condemn. We reiterate that we will act with the greatest transparency and firmness to repair the damage and encourage Reconciliation, following the call made by Pope Francis when calling a year dedicated to Mercy: “It is time to return to the essentials to take care of the weaknesses and difficulties of our brothers. Forgiveness is a force that rises to new life and instills the courage to look to the future with hope”.


Lima, November 25th, 2015

Alessandro Moroni Llabres,
Superior General
Sodalitium Christianae Vitae