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Statement – Sodalitium clarifies Jason Day’s accusation

In response to the accusation that actor Jason Day made in recent days, the Sodalitium issued a clarifying statement.

As is public knowledge, on Saturday, February 22nd, the Diario La República published an opinion column titled “This is war” whose author, Jason Day, claims to have been the victim of an attempted abuse by a priest of the Sodalicio de Christian Life, without mentioning any names. He also alludes to ACI Prensa and the efforts it has been making to reveal the interests hidden behind the “One Billion Standing” campaign, which Mr. Day represents in Peru. This article has been reproduced and/or commented on by various newspapers, blogs and on social networks.

The next day, on a television program, a letter from Mr. Day was read in which he stated that he had no intention of mentioning the name of the priest in question. He also states that he has not “reported a situation of sexual violation because there was no such thing” and that he is aware that no crime has been committed. But he insists that what was reported “is serious enough for action to be taken.”

In this regard, we consider it our duty to report the following:

  1. The Sodalitium Christianae Vitae is an institution that is governed according to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the rule of law. Consequently, we firmly reject all forms of violence and abuse, especially against the most defenseless.
  2. In coherence with these principles, we consider it our duty to carry out any investigation that allows us to clarify condemnable acts that have been committed by one of its members or under their responsibility. This is how the guidelines of the Church demand it.
  3. We have sent a notarized letter to Mr. Jason Cuthbert Day Del Solar requesting that he personally provide his testimony of these events to clarify this situation. So far we have not received any response.
  4. With respect to the content, it is pertinent to make clear that Mr. Jason Day’s article narrates a set of alleged facts that do not in themselves constitute any improper conduct. It exposes an interpretation of them presuming an improper intention of the priest without providing any objective element to support these statements.
  5. In the letter he addressed to Panorama, Mr. Jason Day states that he has no intention of mentioning the name of the priest in question “so as not to invite a public execution.” However, by launching an accusation of this nature, without presenting an objective basis and in a generic way, he directly and seriously affects the honor of the priests of the institution.
  6. This situation threatens the honor of these priests and the good name of our institution. The supposed “seriousness of what was reported” is something that Mr. Jason Day has the legal and moral obligation to support, providing the elements that sufficiently guarantee the veracity of what he narrates and insinuates. Otherwise, his testimony would constitute defamatory conduct.
  7. The media resonance that Mr. Jason Day’s article has had has directed attention to past and isolated episodes, to which the Sodalitium responded comprehensively according to civil and ecclesiastical law. We believe this is confusing and distracts from what Mr. Jason Day needs to clarify.

We renew our commitment to serve every person in justice, truth and charity. These same principles move us to demand the respect for the reputation of every person and institution.