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Statement – Sodalitium expels member

Following the painful news involving a former member of the community, the Sodalitium issued a statement.


The Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, following the painful news involving a former member, wishes to communicate the following:

1) We deeply regret the scandalous and reprehensible situation involving Mr. Daniel Beltrán Murguía. Echoing the voice of the Holy Father, we want to emphatically declare that there is no place in religious life for people of such behavior. Our community has a clear and energetic policy against any serious misconduct or offense that threatens the person and human dignity.

2) As a consequence of this situation until now totally unknown to us, which we consider completely unacceptable, and which has surprised and painfully hit our entire community, having examined the seriousness of the complaint, we want to inform you that Mr. Murguía has been IMMEDIATELY EXPELLED of our institution.

3) We raise our prayers and express our solidarity with the victims of Mr. Murguía’s unacceptable misconduct and we pray for their repentance.

Lima, October 29, 2007

Press Office of the Peru Region
of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae