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Statement – Sodalitium reports on the Jason Day case

Continuing with its efforts to clarify the facts surrounding Mr. Day’s complaint, the Sodalitium has issued a second statement renewing its willingness to act according to the current legal and canonical order.

Through this statement we want to announce that on March 5 we received a letter addressed by Mr. Jason Cuthbert Day Del Solar to the Superior General of our community, in response to the request that we addressed by notarial means to Mr. Day dated February 25, 2014 to request that he provide his testimony of the events reported in his article titled “This is war”, published in the newspaper La República on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

In his response, Mr. Jason Day informs us that he has presented his notarized testimony to the Ecclesiastical Court of Lima offering all the details concerning the events reported in the aforementioned column. In this regard, we want to record the following:

  1. We thank Mr. Jason Day for granting our repeated requests to present this information. We trust that this will allow the competent authority to determine whether there is punishable matter in both the facts reported and the interpretation that has been expressed.
  2. We renew our willingness to collaborate with the body chosen by Mr. Jason Day to clarify the truth of the facts and proceed in accordance with the legal and canonical order.
  3. We reaffirm that in the repeated request that we have addressed to Mr. Jason Day to present elements to support his testimony there is no desire to offend or discredit his person, but rather a commitment to justice as prescribed by civil law, as well as the guidelines of the Church.
  4. Mr. Jason Day linked his statements to the differences of opinion he maintains with ACI Prensa regarding the motivations for the “One Billion Standing” campaign and in doing so, he inaccurately associates it with the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae. ACI Prensa is an autonomous entity, both legally and editorially, directed by a member of our community, Mr. Alejando Bermúdez, who is responsible for it.
  5. As a Catholic institution, the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae is committed to the fight against all forms of violence against women, families and children, including unborn children. Together with Pope Francis, we know that “the cases of abuse are tremendous because they leave very deep wounds” and with him we recognize that in the fight against the abuse of minors “the Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution that moved with transparency and responsibility. No one else did as much.” We ratify our commitment to continue collaborating with these efforts.

Lima, March 6, 2014