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Statement – The Sodalitium in regards to its Founder

In regard to the information disseminated by various news outlets and publications regarding our community we communicate the following:

1. We express our deep sorrow and closeness to all those who have suffered and suffer from actions or omissions committed by some members of our community. To them we ask forgiveness and offer our willingness to listen and help. We firmly reject all these actions.

2. All testimonies of misconduct committed by a Sodalit submitted to the current authorities of the Sodalitium has been received, investigated and, when it has been confirmed, we have offered assistance to those affected with charity and justice, and have taken the responsibility of acting in accordance with the law.

3. In regards to the testimonies that would have been presented to the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Lima or Rome, we have not been informed of their contents by either those who have submitted these testimonies or by these ecclesiastical entities. We can only ensure our prayer and our willingness to receive every testimony with respect , responsibility and discretion. We reiterate our cooperation with these tribunals and any other pertinent legal entity.

4. Luis Fernando Figari lives in a Sodalit community in Rome. Since 2010, he has been out of public life and away from any interference in the government of the community. In 2014, the current Superior General, after receiving a series of testimonies of various kinds, decided that he intensify this dynamic of prayer and retreat. He, like any other member of our institution remains available to any civil or ecclesiastical investigation and to the measures that the authorities should consider relevant.

5. We also want to address all members of the Sodalit Family. All of us are suffering because of the consequences of this distressing situation. We offer them our closeness, friendship and companionship. To all of them we offer our prayers, and our efforts so that the Sodalitium always reflects the face of the Lord Jesus.

Lima, October 19th, 2015

Fernando Vidal Castellanos
Assistant General of Communications