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16 Jul 2014

“Physicians always seek to save the life of the mother and the child”

Lima, 07/16/2014, (Sodalit News – Peru). Seeking to give a detailed explanation of the social and legal implications of the “Therapeutic Abortion Protocol” recently released by the Peruvian government, the parish Our Lady of Reconciliation invited experts in the fields of both law and medicine to share their reflections and worries in front of a

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20 Aug 2013

“The Parish should be a Community that Lives a Culture of Encounter”

Lima, 20/08/13 (Sodalit News – Peru)  Our Lady of Reconciliation Parish comes together to celebrate its 24th anniversary with various activities for the Sodalit Family. A brief recounting of the activities. Last August 13th, the image of Our Lady of Reconciliation went out in procession through the streets of the district of La Molina towards

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10 May 2013

“Behind every Sodalit or Fraterna is a Soda-Mom”

Denver 10/05/13 (Sodalit News – USA).  The experience of being a mother with a child consecrated to God can be very gratifying for an entire family. Robin Couture offers us a beautiful testimony of the active collaboration of mothers and fathers who have discovered a special blessing in the vocation of their children. Despite the

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