The Evangelization of Culture

Culture is a fundamental dimension or each person’s life. Through culture we receive our education, form our values, and learn to know, love and appreciate the true, the good and the beautiful. Thus culture has a leading role in God’s plan as a school of humanity and an environment where man can flourish.

However, the split between faith and culture, one of the great evils of our time, has caused the “counterculture” of death. The Sodalitium has responded to this reality taking up the evangelization of culture as a primary apostolic area.

The Sodalitium is strongly committed to this apostolic service, understanding that the evangelization should not be decorative or superficial, but deep and vital, reaching the very roots of the culture and the cultures of man.

Among the members of the Sodalitium there are intellectuals, historians, authors, artists, sculptors, musicians, and professionals in various fields. Many Sodalits have dedicated themselves to teaching in various educational levels, to research and publication, and to work in the field of social communications. Others have undertaken ecological projects, proposing a more human approach, while still respecting the environment and caring for nature.
Sodalits manifest their commitment to evangelize culture by engaging and cultivating these areas with the goal of creating a culture that is truly human in its values and ideals, its roots and expressions.