The Sodalit Spirituality

The members of the Sodalitium are called to respond to God’s invitation to live a Christian life following a particular spirituality called Sodalit spirituality. This spirituality is a spiritual path inspired by the Holy Spirit as a gift that emphasizes certain aspects, within the spirituality common to all the Church.

Some accents in the Sodalit spirituality include:

Striving to live the faith- which is the cornerstone of Christian life- integrally, as a gift that illuminates the mind, transforms the heart and realizes itself in action.

The centrality of the Trinitarian mystery and the full participation in the Trinitarian Communion of Love as the greatest and final end of man.

The recognition that the Incarnation of the Eternal Word in the holy womb of the Virgin Mary is the central event in man’s history, and the conviction that Jesus Christ reveals man’s full identity and vocation (Gaudium et Spes, 22).

Filial love towards the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and our mother, as a means of configuring to Christ who has reconciled us and as a way of growing in our Christian lives: “From Christ to Mary, and from Mary more fully to the Lord Jesus.”

Community Life, through which man discovers himself realized as a being made for communion and encounter. In this relationship, man embraces the gift of faith, which he develops, shares, celebrates and announces to his fellow man, living this gift with an authentic sense of family which gives him strength on the path of full participation in the Love lived in the Divine Community.

The effort made to live a joyful and persevering spirituality in our everyday lives, making of ourselves a “living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God” (Rom 12:1)

Responsibly assuming and fervently announcing- through words and action- the gift of reconciliation, which we understand as a true response to the many ruptures that affect the world and go against God’s plan.

Ecclesiality, which expresses itself in a faithful embracing of the Church’s Magisterium, in reverently paying attention to the teachings of the Holy Father, in a deep and committed love of the Church, in a generous and persevering collaboration with her mission of evangelization, in lending a ready assistance to her Bishops, and in fraternal participation in the many gifts and charisms which the Holy Spirit has poured out upon the People of God.