The Sodalitium in Argentina

The Sodalit community arrived in Argentina in 2005 at the invitation of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio -now Pope Francis-, then Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Currently, the apostolic work of the Sodalitium and Christian Life Movement focuses on the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and the neighboring diocese of Pilar. Most of the work in these areas is done with youth and adults, teaching and attending to the pastoral needs in schools and at the Universidad del Salvador.

Over the years there have also been several outreach project of Christian solidarity with the poor. Among these are mission trips to hinterland towns, which are held three times a year, the “Crece Argentina” project, which seeks to educate adults who were unable to complete schooling, and the “Night of Charity” project which, with the help of youths, aims to feed and clothe the homeless and those without basic necessities.

To contact the Sodalit community in Argentina write or call:

Rodolfo Vidal
+54 9 11 5738 5887