The Sodalitium in Chile

Invited by the former archbishop of Santiago, Chile, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz, the Sodalitium arrived on Chilean soil in 1999. In 2007, the Pastoral Canter and a new community were inaugurated in Maipu, where the Sodalitium had been working since its arrival. In 2011, the current archbishop of Santiago, Msgr. Ricardo Ezzati S.D.B., blessed the new chapel Mother of God in the “Zona Cordillera” of the city.

Today, along with the apostolic work that is carried out in Santiago, other initiatives are carried out in Puerto Montt.

The apostolic initiatives created by the Sodalitium through the years have promoted the Christian Life Movement’s services and associations. The groups of young people and adults have provided environments for formation in the faith and Christian life, and have allowed for a wider apostolic outreach.

One of the Sodalitium’s projects in Chile is leading Saint Joseph School in Santiago. Sodalits also help at other schools, teaching and providing faith-based services.

Mission trips, which seek to bring Christ in a holistic way, are an important area of apostolic work.

Sodalits also actively collaborate with the Universidad Gabriela Mistral, although the Sodalitium is not directly responsible for it. They also participate in “Crece Chile” an educational community with catholic values which promotes the integral cultivation of people, creating educational projects in areas with fewer resources.

To contact the Sodalit community in Chile write or call:

Javier de la Flor
+56 22444791