The Sodalitium in Colombia

The first Sodalit community in Colombia was founded in 1990, upon receiving an invitation from the Archbishop of Medellin, Cardenal Alfonso López Trujillo. With the growth of the community, the Sodalits founded communities in Cali in 1997 and in Bogota in 2005.

Currently, Colombia is a “region” of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae. The Regional Superior is Alberto Posada Sierra.

Since its arrival in Colombia, the Sodalitium has organized groups of young people and adults, many of whom came into contact with the Sodalitium through various associations belonging to the Christian Life Movement. As the years went by, the number of apostolic projects multiplied and now reach many different sectors of the country.

Along with the aid given to several schools through faith-based services, the Sodalitium leads two educational institutions: Colegio Sagrado Corazón Montemayor in Medellín and Colegio San José in Bogotá.

In the area of the evangelization of culture, the Center for Catholic Studies and the seminars on “Where is Colombia Headed?” have brought together many university students, working professionals, and well-known public figures from the country, in order to promote a critical view of national and international realities.

The Sodalitium also directs several initiatives aimed at helping the poor in Colombia. Along with mission trips to places in great need of help and the association “Solidaridad en Marcha,” the Sodalitium has a great social outreach with its centers for solidarity work which host programs for the evangelization and human promotion in areas with scarce resources.

The “Colombia Crece” initiative has also flourished; led by university students, the program aims at the evangelization of people with scarce resources offering them opportunities to study and enroll in a university, along with a better integral education.

To contact the Sodalit community in Colombia write or call:

In Bogota
Javier Bravo
(57) 1 522 3432 – (57) 312 773 4498

In Cali
Carlos Rosas
(57) 2 372 3653 –  (57) 313 660 3064

In Medellin
Elkin Fernández
(57) 4 312 6015 – (57)313 660 3056