The Sodalitium in Costa Rica

The Sodalitium’s presence in Costa Rica began in 2005 in the archdiocese of San Jose. The first community was inaugurated on August 12 of that year and consecrated to Our Lady of the Angels.

From the beginning, the Sodalits in Costa Rica have organized groups of young people and adults through the Christian Life Movement’s forms of association such as the Marian Groups, Nazareth Groups, and Bethany and Emmaus Groups.

In this country, the works of apostolic solidarity the Sodalitium has developed have had a heavy social impact. A great social aid and the evangelical message reach people in need through “Solidaridad en Marcha” and projects like “Bread for my Brother,” “Siloam,” “Christmas is Jesus,” “Box of Love.”

Youth apostolate occurs through faith-based services in several schools and by organizing Convivio: a Catholic high school student congress.

To contact the Sodalit community in Costa Rica write or call:

Alejandro Palacio
+506 83 38 33 56 ó +506 22 72 45 95