The Sodalitium in Italy

On October 28th, 1997, the first community in the diocese of Rome, Nostra Signora dell’Evangelizzazione, was founded. It was the first Sodalit community founded outside of Latin America. The community currently resides in San Paolo alla Regola, a convent adjacent to the church which, according to tradition, was built on the house where St. Paul stayed during his house arrest in Rome.

The office of procurator general of the Sodalitium is also in Rome.

On August 5th, 2009 Santa Maria del Lago, a community in Nemi, in the diocese of Albano, was founded. The Sodalits there have as a primary apostolic goal the evangelization of culture and dedicate themselves to reflection and intellectual formation.

The Sodalit Family has, over the years, developed several apostolic initiatives. The Christian Life Movement engages in youth apostolate and Christian solidarity work through volunteer mission trips to Peru that began in 2006.

Another initiative, called Incontro all’uomo, provides an environment for cultural studies, reflection and dialogue on a variety of human realities, enriched by the light of Faith.
Using new technologies to transmit the faith, Catholic Link, a web page that organizes, stores and distributes useful audiovisual resources for catholic apostolic work, came into being. “Arte de predicar” is another such initiative that helps priests improve their communication and rhetorical skills.

To contact the Sodalit community in Italy write or call:

Fernando Lozada
+39 3403053361 ó +39 0668802408