The Sodalitium in Peru

The Sodalitium was founded in Peru and its history and works are particularly extensive in this country. It began in Lima, in 1971, and the first apostolic initiatives occurred in this city. As the community grew, it gained Episcopal approval and was able to expand to the city of Arequipa in 1984.

Other communities were founded in Lima, as well as in other cities in the country. Today, there are Sodalit communities in the Archdioceses of Lima, Arequipa, and Piura, in the dioceses of Callao, Ica, Lurin and Chosica and in the prelature of Ayaviri.

Peru is a “Region” of the Sodalitium. The regional superior since 2010 is Rafael Ismodes Cascón.

The international formation center Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe for the first years of initial Sodalit formation is also located in Lima.

The apostolic work of the Sodalitium and the Sodalit family has spread throughout many regions in Peru. There are several projects and services in the Christian Life Movement which aim at providing social aid, such as “Solidaridad en Marcha” and “Navidad es Jesús,” which have developed in several cities in this country.

The Sodalitium has a widespread presence in the areas of education and culture in Peru. These apostolic initiatives include several schools: Santa María in Chincha and San Pedro and Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación in Lima, the Universidad Católica San Pablo and the Instituto del Sur in Arequipa, the Instituto Cultural, Teatral y Social (Ictys), and the Centro de Estudios Católicos (CEC).

Several Sodalits engage in apostólic activities in schools and universities by teaching, providing faith-related services or support for associations that are a part of the Christian Life Movement such as Convivio, Acción Universitaria, and Marian Groups.

The Sodalitium is also responsible for several parishes in Peru where the various activities and services held in them are aimed at the parochial community.

To contact the Sodalit community in Peru write or call:

Andrés Tapia
+51 1 996792742