Those who discover themselves called by God to join the Sodalitium must carry out a thorough process of discernment, which includes the following successive stages:

Aspirant: When a person discovers that God might be calling him join the Sodalitium, he asks to become an Aspirant for a period of one year; this period can be renewed. In this stage, he becomes familiar with the spirituality and practices of the Sodalitium.

Probando: At this stage the candidate begins a more serious formation. It includes admission to the community life and to the center in which he will receive his initial formation.

Formando: At this stage the candidate prepares himself to be incorporated into the Sodalitium, progressing in maturity and in his response to the Plan of God.

Consecrated: Those who have reached a level of maturity in practicing a Marian filial piety make an apostolic consecration to the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

Temporal Profession: After a serious time of discernment and maturation, having the necessary conditions to respond to his calling, the person makes temporary commitments of obedience and celibacy.

Perpetual Profession: By his Perpetual Profession, in which he makes the commitments of obedience and celibacy for his entire life, the person becomes a fully incorporated member of the Sodalitium.