What is the Sodalit Famliy?

Throughout the history of the Church, many spiritual families were born from a particular charisma or spirituality. Likewise, the Sodalit family is a group of people, institutions, and projects that participate in the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae’s spirituality.

The Sodalit Family reaches out to all people who identify with the Sodalit spirituality and want to live their lives as sons and daughters of the Church, by living the process of becoming Love itself through filial piety towards Mary, aspiring to holiness and giving glory to God with their life and daily actions.

In addition to developing their interior lives, their fraternal relationships and their openness to solidarity, the members of the Sodalit Family seek to improve the world, making it more just, fraternal and reconciled, from their particular state in life, committing themselves to the integral development of the human person. In line with the Magisterium of the Church, they call this goal the construction of the “Civilization of Love.”

Participation in the Sodalit family can be on a personal level or by associating to a particular group. All who look to live the Sodalit spirituality as their path on which they follow Jesus Christ and feel themselves attached to the spiritual family though links of charity and identity belong to the Sodalit Family.

Among these members, but by no means exclusively, are those who are part of one of the associative institutions founded by Luis Fernando Figari over the years. Also, those who participate in the works that receive their orientation from the Sodalit Spirituality.

You can visit the Sodalit Famlity website clicking here.