Youth Apostolate

As mentioned, the evangelization of the youth is a priority in the apostolic mission of the Sodalitium. Today many people are skeptical or critical of the hope that is placed in young people.

In line with what the last few popes have said, Sodalits unhesitatingly affirm the great hope that young people represent for the future of the world. The force with which young men and women perceive a longing for the infinite and the deep desire to bring real change to the world presents an invaluable opportunity to discover the path that leads to fullness of life and happiness.

The path that Jesus Christ the Lord offers is tremendously attractive to a young person. Proclaiming the Gospel without any reductions or misrepresentations, with the splendor of truth, daring to meet the challenges of following Christ, will always yield bountiful fruits of conversion and true commitment to live the faith.

Aware of this, the Sodalitium seeks to bring the youth of today the message of the Lord Jesus and the love of the Church, bearing witness to the faith and their personal experience of this love and this message. Young men and women are invited to be themselves apostles to the youth, joyfully participating in the mission of Church.