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Pentecost Vigil in Lima: A celebration with the fire of the Holy Spirit

Last Saturday, May 18th, at 5:30 pm, the Saint Mary of Pastoral Evangelization Center in Lima began the emotional Pentecost Vigil organized by the Christian Life Movement (CLM). Numerous CLM members gathered to ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit both for themselves and for the movement.

How the vigil was experienced

The celebration began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary, imitating the apostles who were waiting for the Holy Spirit gathered with Mary, their mother. The day continued with a theatrical performance, highlighting the Holy Spirit as the creator and giver of life.

In addition, participants had a space to reflect on the gift that is our spiritual family and the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives, bringing these meditations to the feet of Jesus present in the Eucharist. The vigil concluded with a lively concert by the group Takillakkta, around a campfire, which filled all those present with joy and a sense of community

“Today we are and exist because the Holy Spirit sustains us”

Melissa Vásquez, one of the participants, shared her experience: “It has been very nice to celebrate Pentecost. Recognize that our spirituality is a gift from the Holy Spirit and that today we are and exist because the Holy Spirit accompanies us, guides us and sustains us .”

He also said that it was an opportunity to thank the Holy Spirit: “For the spiritual family, for his company, and it was an opportunity to ask him to continue infusing his gifts into all of us personally and also for our movement.”

Melissa added that she hopes that this experience will inspire the apostolate: “I hope that the Spirit will influence each member of the movement, generating a renewed desire to proclaim Jesus and an inner renewal in all members of the movement.”

Mara Alcedo also expressed her experience: “Participating in the Pentecost Vigil meant a lot to me, because I was able to see the action of the Holy Spirit in every detail, from the prayer of the Rosary, to the talk itself, and especially at the bonfire. I also liked how the music accompanied each space, uniting the hearts of everyone, and recognizing us as one family.”

This vigil was a celebration filled with faith and community, leaving participants with renewed spiritual fervor and a deep sense of mission to continue announcing the message of Jesus.

Do you want to learn more about Pentecost?

This celebration is an occasion to reflect on life in the Holy Spirit, as explained by Juan Carlos Tuppia in his reflection on new life in the Spirit: “The Christian life as it is presented to us in the Gospel, the newness that it brings us. Jesus, the novelty that inaugurates with Pentecost is in a very simple sense but very mysterious. “We Christians, through our baptism and through the action of the Holy Spirit, begin to live and exist in Christ”.

Fr. Remigio Morales-Bermúdez, in his course on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, also offers a profound perspective: “It is because Jesus has communicated to us his mind, his heart in these gifts, which are seven. Four of them refer to the perfection of the mind and the other three, to the perfection of the will, of the affections, of the desires.”