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Ricardo Narváez celebrates 25 Years of Full Apostolic Availability in the Sodalitium

On the night of May 31st, on the feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Isabel, the city of Arequipa witnessed an emotional celebration for the 25 years of full apostolic availability of our brother Ricardo Narváez Tosi. The Holy Mass, presided over by Mons. Raúl Chau Quispe, Auxiliary Bishop of Arequipa, brought together Sodalits, friends and family in a ceremony full of gratitude.

Our Superior General of the Sodalitium, José David Correa, and the Regional Superior for Peru, Jorge Luna, participated in the Eucharist, held in the San Miguel Arcángel parish. The celebration not only commemorated Ricardo’s twenty-fifth engagement anniversary, but also marked a farewell, as he will move to Lima to take on new responsibilities.

We share some words that Bishop Raúl spoke during his homily as well as excerpts from those that Ricardo shared at the end of the Mass.

Mons. Raúl: “May the Lord continue to bless your life”

During the homily, the bishop reflected: “One day, Jesus called Richard to walk alongside Him. Since then, all these years have passed, in which he has not only left his mark on Richard through his time in various places, but also in all the ones we have known him.”

“It is easy to say, but they are long 25 years, during which the Lord has supported Ricardo on his path of dedication, both in the beautiful and happy moments and in the difficult moments, in which it seems that we could be swept away by the immense sea”.

“When we accompany the brother who thanks God for 25 years of dedication and full availability, we do it with prayer. Surely, prayer has also been his strength and his support throughout his life.”

“In these 25 years, dear Ricardo, you trusted in God and said: ‘Yes, I will follow you.’ Surely, He, who never lets himself be outdone in kindness, has given you many spiritual joys. He has also allowed you to be a spokesman for his Word, bringing you closer to so many who walk around the world, in need of the help of a brother willing to welcome and listen.”

“For this reason, today we are here, to thank God and continue praying for Ricardo, so that he can continue, like the Virgin Mary, proclaiming the greatness of the Lord.”

“It is a nice gesture that the Superior General wanted to come to Arequipa to accompany a brother from his community. A brother who, surely, is a reason to give thanks to God; a brother who, with his defects, also knows how to share life and the qualities and gifts that God has given him.”

“Dear brothers, thank you for continuing to pray for the fidelity of the consecrated people. Thank you for your presence, which enlivens life and makes us all feel like brothers.”

“Ricardo, may the Lord continue to bless your life, may he accompany you, guide you and give you that peace that only He knows how to give,” concluded Mons. Raúl.

Ricardo: “I am moved by the mercy and sweetness of the Lord”

Reflecting on his silver wedding anniversary, Ricardo noted that when he made his perpetual profession in 1999, “it was not possible to imagine what this day would be like or where or how he was going to celebrate it.”

“I am moved by the mercy and sweetness of the Lord, who with a patience that can only be divine, has accompanied me, cared for and encouraged me in the good and bad moments of my life.”

He attributed his perseverance to “the grace of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our mother Saint Mary.”

“To talk about 25 years of fidelity would be presumptuous, because I have become increasingly aware of my littleness and my weaknesses. I am amazed, rather, that in this time that has passed I see myself loving God more and more and accepting from the depths of my heart his sweet mercy and his numerous consolations and corrections so that I may seek to be faithful to him,” shared Ricardo.

Looking to the future

“As I look back on these 25 years, I have more of an eye on the time to come,” shared Ricardo. He also expressed his gratitude for the testimonies of his community brothers and spiritual family, along with his personal devotions, mentioning the Lord of Miracles, Saint Mary of Reconciliation, and several beloved saints.

Later, he announced his upcoming move to Lima to assume new responsibilities. “My superiors have assigned me new missions, so this mass is also a farewell to Arequipa.” He gave thanks for the years lived in Arequipa and expressed his readiness for future challenges, concluding with a resounding “Semper fidelis” (always faithful).

At the end of the Holy Mass there was a sharing that was an opportunity for several members of the spiritual family and friends to greet Ricardo.

Ricardo Narváez was born on February 10, 1959 in Chiclayo, Peru, into a family of six siblings. He studied Economics at the University of Lima. He entered the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in December 1983 and professed his Full Availability on May 31st, 1999. Throughout his 40 years in the Sodalitium, he has lived in various communities in Peru, including the cities of Lima and Arequipa (Peru), as well as in Petrópolis (Brazil) and in Medellín (Colombia), working in various apostolic areas of the spiritual family.