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“The CLM is the great point of encounter for the Sodalit Family”

Lima, 05/26/14 (Sodalit News – Peru). On May 23, the Christian Life Movement announced the appointment of Alexandre Borges de Magalhães as new General Coordinator. Sodalit News spoke with Borges who tells us more about his expectations and horizons in his new role.

Alexandre Borges CG MVC

Alexandre, how important is the Christian Life Movement (CLM) in the spiritual family?

I think the CLM is the great point of encounter for the Sodalit Family, representing for me the quintessential area of communion amongst the different branches of our spiritual family. And from this communion amongst ourselves, inserted within the communion of the entire Church, we carry out our apostolic vocation.

What do you think is the main challenge facing the CLM today?

The CLM is very broad, being present in 17 countries and having a wide range of associations, both apostolic and social works projects, so I think that one of the major challenges facing us today is institutional consolidation. From the position of service that the Lord has entrusted me, I plan to help integrate the various initiatives inspired by the Holy Spirit and to work so that there can be a greater synergy among them in our evangelizing mission.

What are your expectations for the next IV General Assembly of the Movement?

I think it must be the translation of Evangelii gaudium to the life of the CLM. Pope Francis invites the entire Church to a “new evangelization stage marked by joy,” so I think the IV Assembly must lay the foundation so that the entire CLM can jump right into this stage.

Do you have a special project or job in mind that you want to promote from your new position of responsibility?

I have a dream and a project that I would like to promote. The dream is to develop the many apostolic possibilities which our current communication allows us, in all areas of our mission. The project is that of the evangelization and formation in values through sports. Let us pray and work, and we shall see how the Lord is leads us.

Do you want to send some words to CLM members?

I would like to tell them that I assume this service with much joy and trust in God, but also very aware of my limitations, so I commend myself to your prayers and I ask for the support and help of all. I would like to thank Francisco Cañola much for his service in recent years as General Coordinator of the CLM. May the Lord, through the intercession of Mary, amply repay him for his availability and service.

Finally, I invite you to read the farewell letter of Francisco Cañola addressed to all members of the Christian Life Movement in which he gives thanks for the years of service, welcomes your prayers and tells us about his new apostolic responsibilities.

Alexandre Borges de Magalhães is Brazilian by birth. He met the Sodalit Family thanks to parish of Nossa Senhora da Guia in Rio de Janeiro. There he participated in many apostolic activities of the CLM, like Cristiadas, Vivencias and retreats until, upon hearing God’s call, he decided to join the Sodalitium of Christian Life in 1992. In his apostolic works, Alexandre has coordinated various apostolic centers in Brazil and Chile. He also has served as a religion teacher in some schools in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santiago, Chile. He has been superior for the Sodalit Community Mother of the Apostles in Maipú, Chile; as well as the community of Santa Maria da Evangelização in Aparecida, Brazil and Brazilian Regional Superior for the past 4 ½ years. Borges is the author of the book, “Sports and Christian Commitment” (Esporte e Cristao compromisso).